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From: David Mack  

September 1, 2015










… End Your Money Struggles… Conquer Poverty… Put a Smile on Your Face… Starting Today!




Introducing the Ultimate Money Making System for Everyday People




 Dear Friends,



Interested in learning the secret to consistently making $300 a day?




No more rush hour traffic.


No more racing the time clock.


No more of your boss’s crappy attitude.


No more being exhausted at the end of the day.




If you will give me a just few minutes, I will explain how I’ve helped lots of people (just like you) END their struggle to earn money.


They’re now banking $200 to $400 a day using a proven formula that took me nearly 5 years to perfect.




Hi, I’m David Mack and I’ve been making money using the Probate Arbitrage extreme profits formula since back in 2002.



I can hear you wondering, “what the heck is the…




“Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula”




I know… I’ve kept it low key, below the radar, but that’s really awesome because that means there’s no competition!!!


The Probate Arbitrage extreme profits formula is a simple operation where you locate gently used merchandise to purchase (at a discount), with the intent to sell it for large profits. You buy low and sell high!


It’s not complicated at all. You can easily make $200 to $400 (or more) a day while you have a great time doing it.


Every day people “inherit” stuff they have no use for. Most of them would rather have the cash instead, so they are willing to give a discount to unload it quickly.


You can find people willing to sell these inherited items for as little as $25, $50 or $100, and you can resell these same items for $100, $200, $400 and more.


It’s not uncommon to only pay $25 for an item worth over $500. Do a few of these every day and watch how fast your money adds up.






Probate is a legal term. It’s a process where a person’s estate (their stuff) is distributed according to a will and debts owed. Probate is where they determine who gets the stuff left behind.


The reality however is, just when you thought you had no more responsibilities (after we leave here), we still have to pay back the debts we owed.


The mortgage, car loans, credit card debt and don’t forget everybody’s favorite… taxes… all have to be paid before anyone else gets their inheritance.


Often the estate doesn’t have enough cash on hand to cover the taxes and the other debts so some or all of the larger assets need to be sold off to get the money.



Enter Probate Arbitrage



Arbitrage is a financial term. It’s where someone buys something at a low price with the intent of selling it for a much higher price. The profits are their reward for their efforts.


Starting to see how this can benefit the Estate and the Probate Arbitrager!


Think about it like this, when grandpa passes away, his wife gets left with all his toys. The only problem is she never shared his interest in his bass fishing boat, his tool collection or his classic muscle car, nor does she have any appreciation of their true value. To her it’s just his old stuff and she’s not interested in any of it.


Likewise, the husband who never shared his wife’s passion for her jewelry collection, her fine china, or her treasured silver tea services.


In both cases, they are likely to sell these items far below market value.


That’s where you come in! You make your low offer, they agree to sell, and you’re now the proud owner of… (“Valuable Items”)… that you can sell for a huge profit.


This could also be true for the second car, or antiques, or any other valuable items people are left with, especially when folks are trying to downsize or simply just want the cash instead.


Lots of times family members live miles apart from each other, or even in another state. When faced with the possibility of a Quick Cash windfall, most people will opt to sell.


This means as a Probate Arbitrager, your “below market value offer” is the Perfect win-win Solution!



You Can Forget Your Money Worries… If You Follow This Simple Plan



Like most people, I worked a day job… struggled to pay my bills and had practically no free time, while on the inside I felt trapped, like I was wasting my life.


I always felt like there was more to life than just working an 8 to 5 dead end job. Plus, I can’t take being broke. I was desperate for change.


So I did what most people do… I tried to make money online.


I bought program after program on how to make money online. I read everything I could get my hands on… but none of it worked. They all made it sound so easy. All you have to do is get a web site, become an affiliate and the money will come pouring in. Wrong!


It doesn’t work like that… It can make you feel like a real looser.



It wasn’t until I changed my strategy that I made any money …



I went to an Estate Sale, you know, where everything in the house is for-sale. This one also had a barn full of antiques. You can get some good buys at these places.


So I bought some cool stuff, spent about $50, and planned to sell it online for a profit. Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, wherever I could make the most money. Guess what…



Worked like a charm… Quadrupled my Investment, and it was fun!



Every week I started going to estate sales, flea markets, antique shows, even some auctions. I bought all kinds of stuff, sold it for all kinds of profits, and watched my bank account grow. (and that made me very happy!)


However I soon became aware that I was not the only one with this grand money making plan. In fact the competition was fierce!


I realized I had to get better at buying inventory to sell. I had to find a way to beat the competition to the best deals… and that’s what led me to Probates.


Probates are where 95% of estate sale business comes from. They’re what drives the entire estate sale industry, a $12 Billion a year industry!!!



Greatest Gold Mine of Treasure



Get to the Probate people BEFORE the estate sale guys is the Plan!

Probates are full or hidden treasure, there’s a fortune waiting to be discovered.


It would be a shame to allow others to beat you (to the treasure)… money making bargains.


There are literally thousands of pieces available for only pennies on the dollar. Your return on investment can easily run from 200% to 1000% and more with Probates. Nowhere else will you match these kinds of numbers. Plus with Probates… There’s No Competition!



Imagine Double or Triple Your Income



I don’t know about you but, I’ve got a problem with being poor and wasting my life away at some

lame 8 to 5 dead end job.


The Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula has been my release from the rat race.


It provides you the freedom to set your own schedule, you meet some really cool people, and you don’t have to take any crap from anyone… ever. It all boils down to less stress, and more money!


Since discovering Probate Arbitrage…


Make Money Probates The Ultimate Home Business




 … NOW the money is finally

pouring in!!!





The Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula in not online marketing in its purest sense although you do rely on the internet to advertise and market your goods.



The process in a nut shell is really simple…

You contact the estate representative (they need to sell the estate’s assets to generate cash to pay on-going bills, taxes and debts), and you offer to help them by liquidating the estate assets.


They are extremely motivated to sell and willing to give you massive discounts to make the sale more attractive. You buy… (“the valuable items”)… from the estate, then market them online for very handsome profits.



There is No Competition, It’s like having a monopoly.



The Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula is where you will find the insider information you need to make this business work for you.


It’s took me about 5 years to perfect the formula, I’ve got it down to a science. It’s not hard and you can make a lot of money if you work it.


Up to now I have only revealed this formula to close friends and family but with so many people out of work, hurting and struggling just to put food on the table, I feel like it’s time to spread the word, offer a helping hand.


There are thousands of dollars left on the table, money that lies hidden, never discovered, only because people lack the knowledge and the right information.


Probates offer the most amazing bargains, they just need to be…



“Discovered” to free up the cash they hold.



Estate representatives want and need your services (as a highly paid Probate Arbitrager). Their job is to liquidate the estate… Your job is to buy the estate valuables for .10 cents to .20 cents on the dollar.


                  The Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula is

The Most Complete Training Available on the Subject.


Give me 30 days and I’ll show you an easy way to make money for the rest of your life, a business you can be proud of, making a living on your own terms.



The next 30 days can change your life



Learn how to raise yourself from failure to Success…


How $55 started me on the road to 6 figures a year…


How to beat the high cost of living…


How to feel free, without stress, and live the life you choose…



Most people are too busy earning a living to ever figure out how to make any money.



This is for people who want to quit work someday, learn to make it on their own, create their own destiny.



Former barber makes $8,000 a month with Probate Arbitrage.

“I was tired of living on peanuts, so I did something about it”.



Learn the 12 Secrets of How to Get There First



The Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula is loaded, cover to cover with Points, Tips, and Strategies to direct you toward your financial success.



Learn how to locate estates in probate.


Identify who the estate representative is.


How to contact the representative.


Learn negotiating tactics of the pros.


How and where to sell your treasure for maximum profit.


How to successfully run your own business, tax advantages, ethics, and more.




I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy a lot of success by using the Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula, but it took a lot of work and mistakes along the way.


You can now directly benefit from those years of experience – and avoid those mistakes.


What I’m offering you here is an opportunity – a new pathway – to change your life. This has worked for many others and now it’s available for you.


I know some of you will be skeptical, maybe you’ve been burned before…who hasn’t…


So If you have and doubts at all DO NOT WORRY.




The Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula comes with a complete no-questions-asked 30 Days 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE


You can give the Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula a “Risk Free Test Drive” for a full 30 days and if you feel like it hasn’t changed your life, I will happily refund every penny – no questions asked!

Guarantee The Ultimate Home Business


 I can hear you wondering… so how much is it?



The normal everyday price for the Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula is only $94. That’s a real bargain when you consider all the money you can make using this formula. You can make that much on a single transaction. It’s life changing!



However… For a Limited Time Only… I am offering the public the Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula for the irresistible price of only $47That’s a 50% discount… Half Price!!!


But this half price offer will not last forever. Once a certain limited number are sold, the price will return to normal once again. You can grab this discount now or wait and pay full price in the future… your call.


 Make Monet With Probates The Ultimate Home Business












Grab your discount copy today… Simply click the Add to Cart button below and you’ll immediately be taken to a secure download site. 




Add to Cart The Ultimate Home Business


And remember…you can “Test Drive it Risk Free” for a full 30 days, and if you are not completely satisfied, you feel like it hasn’t changed your life, I will refund you money – no questions asked!



Even if you wait, $94 is definitely worth it for the complete education you receive.



One of the guiding principles I live life by is…I ALWAYS under-charge and Over-Deliver! Everybody must be satisfied or I don’t want to do the deal.




Be Blessed, Make Lots of Money,


David Mack The Ultimate Home Business











When you order your copy of the Probate Arbitrage Extreme Profits Formula, you’ll get instant access to the downloadable PDF training manual so you can begin making money right away. Start building your own successful Probate Arbitrage business… Today!



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